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  • Girl on a Mission by Michelle Austen at the art tree framing
  • Larson Juh Flax liner with Simpatico-Silver Frames
  • Collection of Family History display
  • Larson Juhl Providence - Ivory Frame
  • U of C Haskayne picture frames

Custom Picture Framing

A veteran of the Koren War (1950-53) brought out a beautiful folding fan after dinner on special occasions with family. He would tell stories of his time in Korea, while holding the fan. After 50 years of the fan being opened and closed the paper began to wear thin. A brilliant family member decided to have it framed to preserve the historical family heirloom. The stories of the war and the fan are still told, while the fan remains in good condition.


Art Exhibitions

Artists show the way to the visual stories of the world. Images with style and technique are shared to encourage the public to view conversation in different ways. Picture framing is part of the presentation of art exhibitions, it enhances the art and adds value to the care and purpose of the art.


Art Education

The fridge is a great place for a budding artist to exhibit. Art becomes more valuable as the sentiment and good feelings we get from it increases. Framing children's art is one way of exhibiting unique and meaningful art. Another is to visit art exhibitions in museums and art galleries where the art exposure enhances the purpose of art making and appreciation. The Art Tree is Reggio Emilia inspired, offering the tools and materials that are unique to a creative environment.


Design & Installation

What a difference a day makes when you're surrounded by things you love or have worked hard for. Your home is yours to personalize by displaying your family photos and art. At the office, pride in your professional achievements are worth displaying in frames to build confidence in your clients and to promote your future goals.


Quality Custom Picture Framing

Collecting special mementos and keepsakes are a creative way to tell your story.


Collections of art and framing. Picture Framing can be as unique as the art itself, or it can create a pattern of familiar style and consistency.


Printmaking and Painting are part of the art making at The Art Tree. If you have the desire to create please feel free to contact us for art classes.


The Art Tree Art Framing & Consulting Ltd.

If you have a beautiful work of art that you’d like to frame we are here for you. Custom picture framing is for presenting very special pieces of art that need to be shared. Designing and assembling a frame fit for a master piece is for everyone, take time to add that special touch to your presentation.

The Art Tree specializes in shadowbox framing; family heirlooms and a variety of 3 dimensional objects, creating a story within the frame with multiple windows, using fabric mats and the highest quality of materials.